JeansForMore – 6 Types of Jeans in 2021 to Own Your Shape with Allen Solly

Body positivity isn’t just a fad or a trend. It is the foundation of fashion in the 21st century. The craft and innovation in making fabric blends has led to apparels at Allen Solly become virtually made-to-measure for every body type.

Allen Solly encourages feeling comfortable in your skin. It caters to this idea by introducing, innovating and designing a fresh take on women’s denim jeans. “A woman shouldn’t have the need to fit into jeans, it is in fact the opposite of it. A pair of jeans should be so excellently crafted, that they fit any woman out there.”

The idea perpetuated by what we see today, where women struggle fitting into jeans, does not take into consideration the beautiful and natural variety of different body shapes women actually come in. At Allen Solly, we try to encourage the idea of pushing forward the normative of selecting denim jeans for women that fit you right, by asking everyone to “Own Your Shape”

Because jeans aren’t a fashion standard, for decades now – Jeans are made for more. Denim jeans are made for movement, for expressing confidence and rejecting the idea of body shaming.

Here are top 6 denim jeans trend that you should try to Own Your Shape with Allen Solly denim jeans for women.

1. Black Bell Bottom Denim Jeans

One of denim’s favourite colours, the black denim jeans for women have been a forever favourite. The black colour itself helps accentuate the curves and swerves on one’s body, encouraging you to enjoy the fit even more every time you wear it.

Bell Bottom denim jeans for women have been a trend ever since the 70’s in India and will continue to be cyclically re-imagined by designers around the world. AT Allen Solly we appreciate this style trend and give it a modern spin.

2. Denim Blue Ankle Length Mid Skinny Jeans 

The ankle length denim jeans style became particularly popular amongst the millennials. It’s a great opportunity to highlight your footwear, socks and anklets. These denim jeans for women are versatile enough to be paired with shirts, crop tops and t-shirts. You can casually tuck in your t-shirt with a pair of ankle length denim jeans for women

3. Classic Blue Regular Fit Ripped Denim Jeans

The statement denim jeans that gained popularity in the early 2000’s and still remain much loved and widely worn. Ripped denim jeans are versatile and can be styled on both ends of the spectrum, with extremely loose plaid shirts or slim fit t-shirts.

4. Dark Navy Skinny Fit Denim Jeans 

Navy denim jeans have a rich colour and the skinny fit fully optimises what these denim jeans for women can offer. It is very easy to pair with women’s tops and casual shoes. Skinny fit jeans for women pair very well with heels or casual running shoes, fully accentuating the shape of your legs.

5. Classic Blue Denim Jeans 

This colour blue is beloved because it is so calm and aesthetically pleasing. It pairs very well with light and bright colours, but also stands out with confidence when worn with dark colours. Because these jeans are plain and do not have any patterns, they pair extremely well with patterned tops for women. The regular fit makes it an effortless choice for making an impression

6. High Waisted Grey Denim Jeans 

The ash grey denim jeans for women took the fashion segment by storm when they were first introduced. Becoming a staple in almost every urban city, we saw trendsetters, influencers and fashion stylists repeatedly loving the grey denim jeans for women. These ankle length skinny fit jeans are almost fully cotton, making them extremely breathable, but are weaved with 1% spandex to give that added stretch to our much loved denim.

At Allen Solly, inclusivity is a must. We encourage you to #OwnYourShape with our signature collection of  denim jeans for women.

Source: Friday Dressing Blog

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