Fashion 101: The perfect LinkedIn profile picture

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”
– Will Rogers

Did you know that your profile picture is one of the most powerful tools to gain influence on LinkedIn? It gives you 21 times the views and 36 times the messages as compared to profiles without a picture.

The reason?

A picture is worth a 1000 words. 

The most striking and impactful part of this picture is the outfit you wear. On LinkedIn, your profile picture is equivalent to a firm handshake with a potential client. The better the outfit, the better the picture, the firmer your handshake.

To create the perfect first impression on LinkedIn, you must dress for the occasion. By following these simple and trendy styling tips, you can wow the people visiting your profile.

Know the platform

Before you pick out your favourite dress suit or blazer, keep these unsaid rules of LinkedIn in mind. 

  • Your LinkedIn profile picture is non-clickable.  
  • Do not upload a picture that shows your full body or only your face.
  • Your face should take up at least 60% of the available space, leaving room for your shoulders.

With this in mind, it is time to put together the right outfit for your LinkedIn profile picture.


Only your shoulders and face will be visible in the profile picture. The shirt or jacket you select will decide if a person remains interested enough to examine your profile or if they move onto another profile.

Contrast different elements of your ensemble. Wear printed ties with solid shirts and pair them with monochrome grey, blue, or navy jackets from the best clothing brands for men

If ties are not your style, unstructured jackets or patterned shirts have the same impact. Shirts with small and even-sized checks or stripes photograph well.

You can also look sharp by going solo in monochrome button-up shirts. Make sure to pick a colour, apart from black and white, which complements your skin and helps you stand out.


Pantsuit or dress suit? If this question is playing on your mind, choose what makes you comfortable. After all, your LinkedIn profile picture only showcases your face and shoulders.

To draw visitors’ attention to your profile, choose trendy jackets in shades of grey, blue, red, or navy. Match these jackets with collarless shirts inside.

If jackets are not part of your professional wardrobe, use colour to your advantage by picking shirts in shades of emerald, purple, or green. Non-conventional, soothing, and eye-catching jewel shades see success on LinkedIn.

Pair your favourite formal dress from women clothing brands with a blazer or statement necklace for a chic, unforgettable look. Steer clear of hoop earrings; instead choose subtle studs.

Before you face the camera

Pay attention to the background. Even the trendiest clothes from Indian fashion brands need to be contrasted with the background.

Check that you are not standing in front of a black wall while wearing a striking black blazer. Choose an ideal and uncluttered background, and smile warmly.

With this trendy and carefully captured image, you can now transform and disrupt your personal brand on the largest professional network to influence people, enter strategic partnerships, and attract desired roles. 

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