Dressing 101: Style hacks for these 5 personality types

As the famous saying from Rachel Zoe goes, ‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’.

Here at ABFRL, we do the talking for you. With a wide range of brands, we enable India’s 600 million-strong youth to express exactly who they are. To help you out, we have curated a list of clothing choices for different personality types to ensure you’re always at your stylish best.

The Inquisitive

Are you always excited to learn? Does the all-enduring-high of knowing more drive you? As an inquisitive person, you probably spend your time in coffee shops, with a thoughtful expression on your face and a notebook in your hand.

If you pay attention to the intricacies of life, while giving external expressions a backseat, you can have some fun with simple and functional accessories. Backpacks from brands like Forever 21 can bring comfort, convenience, and a hint of cool to your everyday life. You can also explore different facets of life in comfortable and chic footwear from Pantaloons.

The Social Butterfly

Do you draw your energy from crowds and enjoy being the centre of attention? Do you spend your time flitting from one friend group to another with the swiftness of a butterfly? If you are chatty, sociable, assertive, and cheerful in your social interactions, you should invest in eye-catching and bright outfits.

Forever 21 has the latest season offerings, including rompers, skirts, cargos, t-shirts and accessories, ensuring your look never goes out of style. During festive gatherings, you can look like a vision in stunning woven, printed, and embroidered saris from Jaypore and Pantaloons. That’s not all. Van Heusen’s power dressing ensures gives your work the rapt attention it deserves,when you are making power moves at work.

The Experiential

Are you someone who is never in one place? Do you seek new experiences and experiment with the things you do? If collecting new experiences, spending time outdoors and exploring a new city on your own is something that thrills and excites you, athleisure is the way to go.

Create your own look based on the experience you are gearing up for, be it a run, a hike or a trek. People has a range of sneakers, boots, jackets and tracks that ensure you look chic and contemporary. Leggings, t-shirts, hoodies, and shorts from Van Heusen and Forever 21 allow you to feel at home in your clothes as your surroundings keep changing.

The Experimental

Does the normal stuff bore you? Do you like pushing boundaries, always stepping outside your comfort zone? If there is a new accessory or style to try, are you the first one to jump on board? 

If your answer to the above questions is yes, you should give fusion wear a chance. At Jaypore, one of the best Indian clothing brandsdesigns from all corners of India are combined with modernity to create chic apparel. Simon Carter, with its quirky and unconventional artistic styles, also enables you to showcase your eclectic side.

The Ambivert

Are there two sides to your personality? One that is comfortable chatting with a select group of people. Another that keeps to yourself, wishing you were at home instead. Are you social, chatty, and extroverted; or quiet and reserved, depending on your company?

If you are an outgoing introvert, there are multiple options for you to choose from. When you want to stay at home, you can dress in Van Heusen’s loungewear including track pants, joggers, and pyjamas. For the days you want to go out and meet your people, there’s no better companion than Peter England’s stylish and colourful collection of T-shirts.

No matter what type of youth you are, you can rest assured we will look after your fashion, style, comfort, and cultural needs. After all, such a large and essential part of our country requires the best style companion.

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