Celebrating motherhood at ABFRL

Unconditional love, care, and security are what we receive from our mothers even before she holds us in her embrace. They go through so many changes and challenges to raise us. From adjusting to a new life to unexpected changes is work stress, it is an uphill climb for women who journey on with a smile and strong resolve. 

At ABFRL, we understand the needs, care and support for our mothers and their child. With ABFRL’s Maternity Benefit Programme, expecting mothers receive support and care from our family. Motherhood is a beautiful experience and one should not feel as if they have to leave their old lives behind. The transition from being a working woman to motherhood can be a smooth journey with the right support. 

Being Mindful 

“There are many reasons for which I am grateful for my career journey at ABG and an important one being the support ABFRL has provided all through my journey of motherhood. ABFRL’s ‘Maternity Support Program’ not only offered me option to take extended leaves, but also provided emotional and wellness support through ‘LifeUnlimited’ to transition into this new journey in a more prepared way. Before re-joining, I was provided with the flexibility to continue work from home and opt for new responsibilities. The Company supported me during the most special life event of my life and enabled me to continue to excel in my professional journey.”

Being Supportive

“I have always been a go-getter and dedicated to my professional life. When we planned to start a family of our own, I was apprehensive on the impact it could have on my work life. But once we walked the path, the ABFRL family has been very supportive. Through my pregnancy and my maternity break, I have enjoyed the journey to motherhood, and my team has been a strong support system through this beautiful phase of my life.”

Being Together

“Motherhood for me is spending time with my daughter. Together, we explore the journey of life and discover joy in everything we do. While I try to help her learn and grow with my experience, she teaches me the nuances of technology and other new age things. Since we both work in similar profiles, our learnings are not just limited to life, but also help us both grow professionally.”

Being Proactive

“After we informed the HR about of our pregnancy, ABFRL has been very supportive. We were given a yellow safety suit to ensure that we aren’t given very laborious assignments, and everyone around is very mindful and caring. Our day at the Factory starts with fruits and milk. We are given time to rest in the infirmary when we feel tired, and there are exercises and periodic check-ups in the Factory itself. We are not only excited that our family is growing, but we are also happy that our children will be taken care of well when we come back to work, in the lovely Factory creche.”

The ability to bring life into this world is unmatched. It is the day to celebrate the women in our lives without whom we would not exist. It is the day we cherish the most important person in our lives. On Mother’s Day, we honour mothers, motherhood, and their impact on our lives. 

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