Celebrate Navaratri Hues with ABFRL

The festive season is in full swing with Ganesh Chaturthi heading the line-up, followed by the nine-day extravaganza with Navratri. With offices opening up slowly, and life entering into a new normal, spread the festive cheer with your clothes at your workplace this Navratri. Celebrated in many avatars, Navratri signifies the triumph of good over evil. In the eastern regions of the country, it is celebrated as Goddess Durga slaying Mahishasura, the North celebrates nine avatars of the Goddess followed by the Ravana Dahan on Dussehra. Southern India celebrates Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati with different festivities around Dussehra.

No matter where you are from, now that festivities are becoming fun again, you would want to be prepared and decked up every day. We, at ABFRL, bring you a curated collection of outfits for all nine days of the festival season.

Spread Happiness and Cheer with Yellow

Celebrate the enthusiasm of Sharad Navratri that marks Day 1 of Navratri. Wear yellow on this day and bring joyous sunshine and new beginnings to your life. The day of Pratipada falls on a Thursday, so if you are going to work, going traditional or formal is the way to go.


Celebrate the strength of mother nature with a Pantaloons Saree or a Dapper Van Heusen shirt

Ring in Serenity and Peace with Green

The second day of Navratri is devoted to Brahmacharni. Green is the color for this day, as it signifies spiritual knowledge, growth, fertility, peace and serenity. Green is the holy beginning of life, bringing natural beauty and prosperity. What better way to usher in the weekends than a new lease of life?


Celebrate Friday dressing with Allen Solly Green Blazer for Her and Peter England Formal Shirt

Stay Rooted in Grey

Devoted to Devi Chandraghanta, who is portrayed carrying a half-moon on her forehead, Grey is the colour for Day 3. The moon represents emotional balance and signifies being rooted in your morals. Grey creates the perfect blend of formal and casual and can be paired with anything.


Be yourself with Allen Solly Grey Jeans for him and Forever21 Cropped Pants for Her

Feel Warm and Exuberant in Orange

The fourth day of Navratri signifies warmth and exuberance represented by the colour Orange. While it may be difficult for men to wear something Orange, they can always add layers for a pop of color.


Feel dapper in Simon Carter Sweatshirt For Him and Van Heusen Orange Trousers For Her

Start a peaceful Monday with White

A symbol of peace and purity, Day 5 is dedicated to the white colour. Start your Monday with a brilliant white and get ready for the Panchami. Accented white pieces give you the option of pairing them with complementary bottoms of any colour. 


Drive away Monday blues with Louis Phillippe shirt for him and White kurta for her

Get Festive with Red

Shashthi is finally here and you need to buckle up for the festivities that are going to unfold. Welcome the Goddess with a vibrant shade of Red. Red symbolises life, courage, passion and health. The chunri on the Goddess on Shashthi is also red in colour. So twin with the Goddess and make your day incredible.


Get into the festive groove with Nehru Jacket from Peter England for him and Jaypore red dress for her

It’s the time to Garba with Royal Blue

Look regal with Royal Blue on Saptami as you go pandal hopping or to play Garba. The colour Royal blue signifies elegance and stands for trustworthiness and reliability. Trust us to deliver the best of fashion as you let your hair down and turn heads wherever you go.


Dress up for a festive night out with Shirt from Shantanu and Nikhil for him and Cami Jumpsuit from Forever21 for her

Charm the world with Pink

Pink symbolises love, affection and charm. However, men might feel a little left out when the ladies get decked up in pink. Instead, you can opt a subtle shade of dusty rose that will make your Ashthami harmonious. The subtle shade of pink also promises tenderness, unconditional love and nurturing.


Bring out your charming side with Shantanu and Nikhil dusty rose kurta for her and Louis Philippe Shirt for him

Feel Lively with Purple

It is the last day of the festivities and as much as it pains us to see the Goddess depart, we also need to prepare for the extravaganza of Dussehra. It is only fitting that we send off the Goddess with the lively Purple colour. Purple emulates the vibrancy of red and the stability of blue. We worship Navdurga on the final day and the Goddess herself is seen decked in purple. Bring out the best of ethnic wear with Jaypore.


End the festive note on a high with Purple Kurta for him and  her from Jaypore

Get cracking for the nine days with this master guide. We make sure you are never unprepared for Navratri!

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