Celebrate National Handloom Day with Jaypore’s Handspun Handloom Menswear

August is a special month for all Indians, as we are reminded of the strength of our nation. It is a time when we go back to our roots and celebrate the beauty of our diversity. It is also the perfect time of the year to explore our artisanal and cultural offerings before the festive season arrives in all its glory.  Taking a leaf out of our glorious Indian history, we explore what the Swadeshi Movement of 1905 means to us today. Celebrated as ‘National Handloom Day’, we explore Jaypore’s menswear essentials collection of kurtas and shirts in handspun handloom.

Handspun handloom is the signature fabric of India, where the grammar of its weave holds a rich social history. Symbolized by the Charkha or the spinning wheel; natural fibres of cotton, silk and wool are turned into yarns. Handspun handloom is celebrated for its texture, comfort and quality of being cool in summer and warm in winter.

Jaypore’s menswear essentials collection in solid hues and printed cotton, capture the Indian mood with its motifs and craft details in the many shades of the season.

Smart in Teal:

A casual brightly-coloured teal shirt is all that’s missing from the staples in your wardrobe. This shirt is handwoven and made from the best quality cotton making it a comfortable addition to your summer wardrobe. Wear it with your favourite sandals and subtle bottoms to make an effortless fashion statement.

Get back to your roots with this gorgeous handspun and handwoven cotton shirt

Black for all seasons:

Black is always a favorite and considered timeless. That said, most of us avoid blacks for outdoor events if it’s too humid. But if black is your go-to color, it’s time to switch to handspun cotton. Complete with a formal cut and fit, this black handwoven kurta deserves a place in your ethnic collection.

Black kurtas with a stylish cut can never go out of style

The Perfect Mustard:

If yellows are too bright for you, and you want to pick a subtler hue, mustard fulfils two glorious purposes – comfort without being too bold. The brightness of the kurta can instantly uplift your mood, while the comfort in the fabric allows you to move around freely, looking dapper.

The mustard cotton kurta with a unique cut and style can make you look dapper

White for Tranquillity:

From puja’s to wedding and festivals, white kurtas are a winner for all occasions. A perfect blend of formal and casual, pair these handwoven white kurtas with your favourite blue denim or a classy Tusser cotton black chudiar, and a dapper Ikat Cotton Nehru Jacket to make heads turn wherever you go.

Look festive and bright on all occasions with white!

A casual style statement:

First dates, especially after a long break like a pandemic induced lock-down, would most certainly put most in a turmoil. You want to look dapper, but not overdo it. How do you play safe, yet stand out? Try this black cotton full-sleeved shirt with white accents. The pattern coupled with subtle buttons makes for the perfect date-night outfit.

Get comfortable on an awesome date night

Celebrate your Indian-ness with the rich handwoven heritage inspired the country’s rich cultural fabric. Each narrate a fascinating tale with motifs in dabu, bagru and other traditional block-printing styles.

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