Beyond International Men’s Day: What our men at ABFRL do away from their desk!

Our men at ABFRL work hard throughout the year to bring positive value to the Organization. But it’s not all work and no play! Amidst the hustle and bustle of meeting targets and deadlines, they manage to take time out for themselves and indulge in activities they truly enjoy! After all, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy!”  As the world celebrated International Men’s Day on November 19, we reached out to the men at ABFRL to find out the different ways in which they take a break from work!

YouTubin’ his way through life!

Vishal Choudhary is an industrious Senior Legal Executive by day and a creative thinker in his free time. He loves creating videos and uploading them to YouTube. He also happens to be a regular at the YouTube Fan Fest creator’s camp. Sharing great and meaningful content on his channel with his subscribers is what brings him the most joy.

An adventurer at heart

Kalpesh Dhanawade is a hardworking Senior Legal Executive at ABFRL. To unwind from the stress of a demanding role, he takes time off on weekends to plan treks with his friends. Rain, sunshine, or cold, nothing deters these mountain lovers from scaling forts across Shivaji’s bastion, Maharashtra. He has ‘conquered’ forts at Raigad, Rajgad, Torna, and Lohgad, and looks forward to going on more such adventures!

A game of cricket keeps him going

Ronak Shah, Assistant Manager, Controllership and Taxation loves and enjoys number crunching. But, outside of work, his go-to way of unwinding is playing cricket. His passion for the game kicked in when he was a child, and to this day, it continues to thrive. Every Sunday, he ensures he has the time to get together with his friends and play a game of cricket. It is more than just a stress buster for him. Not only does it keep him fit, but it is also where he gets his “never-give-up” attitude from.

More often than not, men find it difficult to take some time out for themselves. As their well-wishers, we must continue to check on the men in our lives and ensure that they never shy away from focusing on their well-being!

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