Beat the October Heat with this Simple & Sustainable Styling Hack!

It is that time of the year again. Temperatures are rising, slowly but surely climbing towards higher degrees. While we are all keeping indoors, stepping out isn’t entirely avoidable and in this heat, it’s often uncomfortable too. With a few more weeks before winter arrives to cool us down, we are all looking for ways to stay cool and minimise the discomfort. A simple way to do so is to prep up our dressing style. If you’re wondering how, the answer is simple: cotton. By choosing cotton that is manufactured sustainably, you can not only cool down your body but also help cool the planet in the years to come.

First things first, why cotton?

It is light, absorbs sweat, allows for better air circulation, and helps the body cool down. It is also well suited for sensitive skin and is easy to clean and maintain. At ABFRL, cotton is an important fabric that is used for casual wear, formal wear, and masks, making it an integral part of our brands.

Cotton with a sustainable twist

As market leaders in sustainable fashion brands, we recognize the over-consumption of water and energy and the potential global warming associated with cotton production. Keeping in line with our Sustainability motto to Re-Earth, where we believe in giving back more to nature than we take, we have actively collaborated with Cotton 2040. Cotton 2040 is a platform which aims to accelerate progress and maximise the impact of existing sustainable cotton initiatives, bringing together leading international brands and retailers, sustainable cotton standards, and other stakeholders across the value chain. Together, we are working towards building demand, improving smallholder resilience, and simplifying the traceability of sustainable cotton production. 

We use varied raw materials, including cotton, viscose, linen, wool, polyester, and blends, striving to source the right fabrics for our apparels that ensure environmental and social responsibility. 

Understanding the role of sustainable cotton

As opposed to traditional cotton harvesting, sustainable cotton reduces the strain on the environment. It translates to a drastic reduction in the carbon footprint and improving overall soil quality, along with offering financial stability to farmers and boosting local economies. This also promotes our stand of being ‘vocal for local’

How does all this affect you, the consumer? 

Once you get used to sustainable cotton, there is no turning back! It is better for your skin and overall wellbeing, as it isn’t grown using harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

This cotton is also softer, as it is handpicked, ensuring the fibre doesn’t break. This creates durable products that have greater Cost Per Wear. Isn’t the idea of using your favourite clothes for longer more appealing? 

Since you use your clothes for longer, you contribute lesser to the landfill waste, making it a win-win for you and the environment at large, while looking and feeling your absolute best!

How to get your hands on sustainable and cooling cotton?

Our brand, Peter England, uses cotton that has been locally handcrafted by our farmers for several of its apparels across collections. Made with our premium Homemade Cotton, this textured yarn has with a lot of character and is used on medium-speed autolooms that can be installed close to fields with very little power consumption.

This Homemade Cotton is environmentally and socially better in comparison to conventionally made cotton, retaining the natural texture of cotton and ensuring high-quality apparel. There is no waste collection plant required for manufacturing this yarn, and it uses 40% lesser electricity than regular mill-made yarn.

Furthermore, we have partnered with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) for sourcing sustainable cotton and establishing sustainable ecosystems.

Through this initiative, we aim to minimize and, wherever possible, eliminating the consumption of fertilisers and pesticides. This helps mitigate adverse impact caused to water bodies, soil and natural habitats.

When you shop from responsible brands this October, you make smart shopping choices to beat the heat and prevent temperatures from rising in the years ahead. 

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