ABFRL Product Sustainability

Here’s how we made sustainability look good

In India, the focus of the consumer has shifted from price and convenience to social impact, health, wellness, experience and safety. The modern day consumer is aware of the impact his or her actions have on the environment, and wants to help conserve valuable natural resources.

At ABFRL, we understand our consumers need to invest in fashionable products that resonate with their core values of sustainability. This stems from an acceptance of our responsibility towards the environment, which is why we have actively integrated sustainable business practices across our global operations. 

By using disruptive and sustainable technology, we have pioneered sustainable innovation in the fashion and retail industry.

Earth Chinos (https://www.peterengland.com/earthchinos/shop)

Earth Chinos, which have been developed by Peter England, utilize agro-waste based dyes as colourants. While most dyes are made using petrochemicals, these dyes use waste material from beetroots, orange peels, olives, almond shells and other natural raw materials. This earth friendly dye positively impacts all communities involved in the supply chain, while consistently meeting the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability.

Sustainable Cotton (https://www.peterengland.com/)

We aim to accelerate collaborative action to bring sustainable cotton to the mainstream, as its traditional cultivation poses multiple challenges. SUTRA yarn is one example of premium quality sustainable cotton utilized by Peter England, which consumes 40% lesser electricity as compared to traditional cotton.

Recycled Polyester (https://www.pantaloons.com/)

Pantaloons has actively worked towards reducing its carbon footprint by using polyester recycled from PET bottles in its products. These bottles are rescued from landfills and recycled, to reduce greenhouse emissions, cut down pesticide consumption and preserve precious natural resources like water. The resulting shirts have 35% recycled polyester content, while providing near similar performance and comfort to consumers.

Smart Tech Cloth (https://www.vanheusenindia.com/athleisure?source=menu)

Van Huesen has spearheaded innovation in the athleisure industry by using smart tech features to increase performance and sustainability. Their collection includes clothes crafted with new age fabric which is stain free, anti-stat and dries quickly. These multi-purpose wear products last for longer periods of time and require the consumption of fewer natural resources to clean them, hence reducing the strain on the environment. 

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