6 At-home style suggestions you’ll love

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

Whether you are tackling corporate challenges head-on, challenging yourself to plank just a few seconds more when working out, or simply curling up on your couch with a good book and a hot cup of tea, your outfit is your armour. By adding to the context of a situation, it orients your frame of mind and has the ability to amplify what you experience at any given moment.

Today, when your world is largely limited to the four walls of your home, your sartorial choices can go a long way to elevate the everyday. All it takes is a quick change of outfit to lead to a big change in outlook!

With a wide range of fashion brands, with clothing that ranges from workwear to athleisure and beyond, we, at ABFRL, have put together a simple style guide for everyday situations in the new normal. From working to working out and more, here are 6 at-home style suggestions that you will absolutely love.

While working from home…

Style#1. Adding a dash of power to your presentations

While the world, as we know it, has stopped outdoors, the work hasn’t. For the days when you have to make a mark through your presentations, you can rely on Louis Philippe.


Nothing screams you mean business more than a crisp Perma press shirt. It will give you and your presentation a sartorial edge.


Pair your crisp shirt with tailored trousers to be your professional best from head to toe.

Style#2. Become the centre of attention in brainstorming sessions

When you are virtually bouncing ideas off colleagues, why not quirk up your mood? Use the best of Simon Cater to your advantage for internal meetings with co-workers.


The artistic and fun prints will improve your mood and brighten your colleagues’ day. Wear a pair of comfortable jeans below.


If you work in a casual environment, introduce a pop of colour into your work from home life. Complement it with monochrome bottoms.

While working out from home…

Style#3. Sweating it in style on those cardio days

Sweating it out through cardio is a great way to break the sedentary lifestyle at home. You need to pick out the perfect material for intense cardio sessions.


Women, throw on a pair of fashionable leggings from Forever 21 with an active hoodie to make the most of your workout.


Men, drawstring sweatpants, and zip-up hoodies from the Activewear collection will help your body cool down faster after you give your workout 100%.

Style#4. Look chic as you prep for some heavy weightligting

For the days when you are lifting makeshift weights at home, you need to wear clothes that allow movement, without restricting you.


The best thing about joggers is that they aren’t too tight or too loose. Pair them with a well-fitted, dark top to look fabulous as you work out.


Nothing screams ventilation and unrestricted movement more than Van Heusen’s quick-dry fabric and mesh ventilation. Pair it with a gym vest to truly work out those forearms!

While lounging and resting at home…

Style#5. It’s the weekend, time to relax and unwind!

You work extremely hard throughout the week. Why not relax to full capacity as well? Van Heusen’s loungewear collection will surround you in comfort, all weekend long.


Pair trendy printed lounge pants with ultra-comfy bright tops to stay relaxed all day long.  


These printed pants prove that you can have fun while relaxing. Pair your eye-catching pants with colourful t-shirts to make the most of your weekend.

Style#6. Rest in style, wake up feeling a million bucks!

The last thing you want when going to bed after a long day is to feel uncomfortable. Luckily for you, Pantaloons has made comfort its number one priority for its sleepwear.


Go to bed with the comfort of pure cotton all around you, in colours you adore. Pair monochrome tops with printed bottoms and vice versa.

In liberating vests and comfortable shorts, let your worries slip away as you fall into slumber each night.

Put on your stylish armour, gear up, and face the possibility-filled days that lie in front of you.

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