5 ways to brighten up your workday during monsoons

Everyone loves the refreshing and invigorating atmosphere that is created by the rains but at the same time, daily activities like commuting and dressing for work become a hassle. The overcast skies and dreary weather tend to reduce people’s motivation to work. Here is how you can dress to beat the monsoon blues at work.

Dress in Bright Colours

The dark overcast skies, along with a wardrobe that primarily comprises of blue, black and grey, can reduce the enthusiasm to work. Perk up your appearance in this dull atmosphere by wearing bright, vibrant colours that will stand out from the surroundings. Opting for prints and patterns in work apparel is an excellent way of hiding water stains and mud patches that could spoil the appearance of the outfit.

Use Dryable Fabric

Sitting in damp clothes at the desk throughout the day, after being caught in a downpour, can negatively impact productivity at work. In this humid atmosphere, it is important to wear fabric that dries easily and allows the skin to breathe. Clothes made of silk, nylon, polyester, rayon, crepe and liva fabric should be worn, while slow drying fabrics like denim should be avoided at all costs.

Accessorise Correctly

The best way to lift spirits in the middle of a rainy work day is to wear accessories that will immediately improve the mood. Chunky plastic jewellery can add a splash of colour to the monsoon wardrobe, while chic beanies and bandanas can protect the hair from frizzing in the rain. Trendy waterproof cross body bags in different colours and patterns can be used to protect valuables from getting wet and can add an element of fun to the work attire.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing wet and uncomfortable shoes throughout the day is bound to affect work. It is always wise to wear shoes that are made of rubber such as gum boots and jelly shoes, while commuting to work. At work, it is best to keep a separate set of shoes that are only meant to be worn in the office and not in the rains. Make sure to keep a spare pair of socks in the bag at all times, so as to avoid having wet feet the entire day.

Embrace Monsoon Apparel

Umbrellas and rain coats are looked at as apparel that hide monsoon clothes, however, they can be used to enhance your appearance and to make a style statement. Invest in umbrellas that have funky colours, styles and patterns so that they draw attention to the outfit instead of taking away from it. Waterproof waist length rain coats, in bright and bold colours, can double as jackets and will enhance the work wardrobe.

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