5 Ways to Beat Monday WFM Blues

In the past few months, working from home has become a norm. Our thought processes, manner of working, and way of life have pivoted and realigned to adapt to current circumstances. Now, it is time our wardrobes follow suit.

Keeping safety at the forefront, we at ABFRL have recognized the importance of bringing fashion-first and future-ready apparel in Indian clothing brands to brighten up the new normal. Here are some wardrobe essentials you must get your hands on.

Leave an indelible mark on online meeting

Jumping from one work call to another, virtually, has become a part of the new normal, giving rise to the Zoom shirt– A shirt kept at the back of the computer chair or a nearby hanger to put on right before your webcam lights up. 

To make a crisp style statement for your daily meetings, you can browse through Louis Philippe’s sleek and fashionable collection of whites. The brand has the largest collection of whites and these will help you create a lasting impression in your online meetings.

To bring style and panache to your everyday wardrobe, you can rely on the quirky collection from Simon Carter to brighten up the dullest of days. 

If your work atmosphere is fun and easy-going, you can browse through the bright and colourful collection of Louis Philippe T-shirts specially designed to enhance your work from home experience.

Ensure safety of your loved ones

With lockdowns across the country gradually easing, children are now being allowed to play in parks or building premises. In these changing times, it is necessary to instil a sense of caution on young and impressionable minds.

Allen Solly Junior has come out with a range of breathable and reusable cotton masks for boys and girls, in fun and colourful patterns. Additionally, the brand has come out with Stag family finger puppets, a fun way to remind your child that they should not touch their face.

Step Out in Style

Whether for work, walks, or personal errands, it is vital to cover up with safe and dependable face masks. At Louis Philippe, the ultra-comfortable, 3-layer origami masks provide protection and comfort with their adjustable clips.

If you are extra cautious, you could invest in Peter England’s range of sharp anti-viral finish masks. Conversely, Simon Carter’s aesthetic masks and Allen Solly’s stylish masks can spruce up any look. 

Taking Protection to the Next Level

For those that have to leave the house for work, Peter England has come out with a range of anti-viral shirts, tested to provide resistance against common viruses and bacteria. You can look formal, stay safe and be your trendy self.  

With these fashionable and fun wardrobe essentials from the top clothing brands in India, it’s time to unlock your creative and stylish side, to make the most of the current circumstances.

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