5 simple ways to make your home look brand new with ABFRL Brands

2021 is finally here. While all of us are busy making resolutions for ourselves, we tend to forget about an important and extremely integral part of our lives – our homes. 

As we spent most of 2020 indoors, this year, let’s resolve to make our home 2021-ready with a few trendy home décor items. Here are five simple ways how you can do so.

Add A Dash of Personality to Your Room with A Luxurious Rug from Pantaloons

Step into a whole new world of comfort with plush and luxurious rugs. Choose a rug in a colour, pattern, and texture that everyone likes to make your room or bedroom look as good as new. You can find a range of rugs that you and your family will adore from Pantaloons.

Enhance the look and feel of your home with a classy rug

Bring in The Outdoors with This Classy Metal Planter from Pantaloons

Bring the outdoors inside in 2021. With the help of a simple and elegant metal planter, you can not only breathe freshness into your interiors but can also use it as decorative furniture. You can find a range of planters available in different shapes and colours from Pantaloons. 

Add positivity to your life with indoor plants in a classy planter

Pick Up a Trendy Jaypore Table

The tables have turned in 2021. Move away from basic styles and look towards trendy, innovative tables that capture attention. You can keep such tables by your bed, your TV, or your entrance for keys and other such essentials. The possibilities are truly endless. At Jaypore, you can choose from among a range of unique tables based on your home décor style. 

Tables can add a fresh personality to your home

Create A Classy Look with Jaypore’s Decorative Mirror

One of the best ways to decorate in 2021 is to invest in aesthetic and functional products. To this effect, there is no better product than the mirror. You can place it anywhere in your house, be it your living room, bedroom, entrance, or bathroom, and can use it to bring beauty to the surroundings. You can find the perfect decorative mirror from Jaypore.

Mirror, mirror on the wall; you’re prettiest of them all

Make Your House Brighter with Jaypore’s Antique Lantern

Lights can brighten up your 2021. Playing around with light is one of the best ways to make your home look as good as new. By investing in a statement piece like a lantern, you can change the lighting basis your needs through an eye-catching décor that transforms your space. You can shop for antique lanterns in your style and taste at Jaypore.

Let there be love and light!

With these incredible home décor items by your side, you can look forward to a brighter and better 2021 for yourself and your house.

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