4 ways to make it feel like Diwali at home

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

– Albus Dumbledore

This year, it is on us to remember to turn on the light that shines within. Even though we might not be able to celebrate Diwali on the same scale as before, we can make the most of the festivities at home.

By dressing up ourselves and our homes, we can bring zest, joy, and light to the most exciting festival of the year. After all, festivals are about spending time with loved ones, which we can do from the comfort of our spruced up and decorated homes.

Here are four ways to make it feel like Diwali at home.

1. Put together the perfect outfit

One of the most fun parts of Diwali is putting together that perfect outfit. Browsing through different colours, patterns, and shades before finally choosing the ‘one’ that will light up your Diwali, adds an exciting dimension to the festivities.

You can enjoy the same experience this year, from the comfort of your home, by browsing through incredible festive collections available at PantaloonsJayporeVan HeusenLouis Philippe, and Peter England.  


By choosing a bright, trendy, and fun outfit, you will be projecting your excitement to the rest of the world. From kurtas to Nehru jackets, the options for dressing up are endless for the entire family!


Bring a splash of colour indoors

The bright twinkling lights, vivid shades, and multiple hues are what sets Diwali apart from other festivals. You can bring these same shades, and all the joy associated with them, to each nook and cranny of your house, with some smart decorating. 


By investing in colourful cushion covers or decorative art for your walls, you can infuse every part of your house with bright and bold colours. With our home décor collections at Pantaloons and Jaypore, you can enjoy all the colours of Diwali at home. 


Enjoy a lavish meal with family

The mouth-watering, delicious Diwali food is the highlight of almost everyone’s festivities. Sharing sweets and lavish delicacies with loved ones are some of the best memories of the festival. Why not make your Diwali meals stand out this year?


With Jaypore’s vintage table and dining collection, you can add some old-world charm to your festivities. With intricate motifs and details, your food won’t be the only thing you remember about this Diwali.


Give your house a makeover 

Diwali is all about new beginnings. It is the festival for cleaning your house from top to bottom. This Diwali, go a step further by redecorating your house and bringing new elements into your home décor. 


From curtains to chairs to accessories, you can find it all at Jaypore. It will not only give your surroundings a breath of fresh air but will also change up the environment you have been seeing every single day for the past few months.


By making some small yet impactful tweaks, you can enjoy a new and lively way of celebrating the most incredible festival of the year!

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