4 Ways to get Kids excited about the new normal

The past two years have been particularly difficult for children, especially those who embarked on their academic journey for the first time in their lives. The transition from virtual to physical classrooms can be daunting, but there are a few ways in which parents can ease the stress of socializing in a new setting. It’s time to bring comfort while kids have fun and learning at school. 

With schools reopening, and parents gearing up to send their children back to school, here are a few ways to get your young champions excited for school!

1.Backpacks to get you going

The memories of going back to school after a long vacation meant convincing our parents to buy a new backpack. To lift those spirits up, it would be a good idea to invest in a sturdy backpack in a bright pink  or a classy brown, based on your child’s preference.

Carry your books in style in a pretty pink bag from Forever21 or Sturdy Brown one from Van Heusen

2.Mask it up

It is equally important to educate your children of the risks that come with not wearing a mask and maintaining personal hygiene, especially in the current scenario. While it is also necessary to listen to their problems and ease them whenever they feel anxious about going to school after a long period of time. Masks in bright red or a calming blue can help protect your children while providing a sense of comfort and confidence.

Masks from Allen Solly Junior, in subtle prints or funky prints to perk up your child’s mood

3.Pouches to fit it all

Help your child get more organised with well-maintained set of stationery and tools, in a way that they can have conversations with their peers. A pretty pink pouch  or a mustard pouch are just the answer you’re looking for. 

Add colour to your child’s day with a pretty Ted Baker pink pouch  or a Jaypore mustard pouch.

4.T-shirts to brighten up the day

With schools opening up slowing, so have all other learning activities. To encourage kids to enjoy their extended tuition sessions, there are a variety of options at the parents’ disposal. Choose from a bright range of colours such as this red striped Polo neck T-shirt or this brilliant blue T-shirt from ABFRL Brands to make your child smile wide.

Red strips or funky messages? Take your pick from Allen Solly Junior for boys and girls.

One of the most valuable resources for shaping a child’s future is them having access to a good school and their participation in fun learning activities. With these picks from ABFRL, your child is sure to learn in the most the most fun, organised and engaging way. ABFRL wishes all the parents good cheer and warm support for their kids’ big send-off to school again.

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