3 New Normal fashion trends that are here to stay in 2021

The year 2020 has been life-changing in more ways than we imagined. It has not only changed the way we socialise but also how we dress. Fashion has undergone a massive transformation. Masks, which were either used for health reasons or to battle pollution, have become a safety and fashion statement; while clothing, once known only for style, has taken on an element of protection with innovation such as anti-viral coatings. 

The pandemic has given rise to protective gear becoming a necessary yet fashionable part of one’s attire, with masks becoming as essential as shirts or trousers, and anti-bacteria and anti-viral clothing becoming the need of the hour. It has also made us realise the importance of shopping locally.

We, at ABFRL, have been ahead of the curve with all of these New Normal fashion trends. We have released a slew of collections that reflect the hidden potential of these trends through masks, clothing, protective gear, and shopping locally.

Looking at the coming year, these are the trends that are here to stay in 2021.

Trend#1. Adding Innovative and Fashionable Protective Gear to your wardrobe

While masks quickly became the norm in 2020, other elements of clothing underwent a revamp, specifically when it came to help prevent pre-pandemic behaviours like constantly touching surfaces.

Van Heusen’s cutting-edge G-Fab Collection

As a game changer, Van Heusen has launched inStem’s G-Fab Technology in India, in collaboration with Color Threads Inc. You can buy premium masks and athleisure powered by G99+ antiviral™, which uses inStem’s Germicidal fabric technology, to make your outings a lot safer and a lot more comfortable. These cutting-edge masks reduce 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity in up to 15 minutes of wearing the mask. 


A new and stylish way to stay safe

Allen Solly’s cute Finger Puppet Collection

Rising to the occasion of safety and innovation, Allen Solly pioneered innovation in protective gear by developing animal finger puppets to keep children safe and secure. The finger puppets, available in fun and quirky characters, serve a dual purpose. They remind children not to touch their faces, along with telling stories that spark their curiosity.

Making safety fun for kids

Trend#2. Wellness Fashion riding high on Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral properties 

This form of clothing gives you an added layer of protection every time you step out of your house through clothes that are bacteria and virus-resistant.

Peter England’s revolutionary Neem Tulsi Collection

This revolutionary collection, launched by Peter England, will change how you dress in these times. The fabric used here is infused with the goodness neem and tulsi, best known ways from Ayurveda to stay healthy! You can pick up shirts, masks, jeans, Bermudas, kurtas, and pyjamas from this collection. Each item of clothing is powered by Enliven, adding anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions to your apparel.  

Wellness and Style can go hand-in-hand

Peter England’s new-age Anti-Viral Collection

If the traditional approach doesn’t suit your needs, you can check out something a little more new-age. The anti-viral collection by Peter England, in collaboration with HeiQ offers a range of workwear, loungewear, and face masks. The unique HeiQ Viroblock® fabric technology, that adds virus and bacteria-resistance to your apparel, offers an added layer of protection. You can feel at ease, knowing that the HeiQ Viroblock® fabric inhibits the persistence and growth of viruses and bacteria on its surface. 

Relax, you are safe and dapper!

Trend#3. Being Vocal For Local

There has been an increasing demand to be vocal for local, as the pandemic placed economic stress on the system and small businesses came to the forefront. Building a relationship between the consumer and the creator became the need of the hour, which is why it was necessary to bring local creations straight to you.

Allen Solly’s Handmade Collection ‘Made with Love’

To support garment workers, Allen Solly launched the Handmade Collection to celebrate their undying spirit and creativity. Each piece of the collection is embroidered with love. As a consumer, every shirt you buy is one-of-its-kind, carrying the signature of the garment worker, while empowering you to be ‘vocal for local’.

Owna piece of local art, embroidered with love

Jayore’s heartfelt Artisan Direct Collection

Responding to the call to be ‘local for vocal’, Jaypore partnered with Creative Dignity to launch the Artisan Direct Campaign. The program enabled artisans, who have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, to reach customers digitally. Artisans were provided training in templates for catalogue making, photography, pricing, and logistics management to boost sales. While the campaign is now over, you can continue to support our local art forms by shopping for local ethnic products at Jaypore.

A stylish makeover with local ethnic art awaits!

While the pandemic has changed the way we dress and shop forever, with future-ready and fashionable collections by your side, you can stay safe and fashionable even in 2021.

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