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                                                                                                        REPORT   /

                             Business Head
                                                      F R O M
                                   M E S S A G E
                                                                 T H E

            We are India's largest
            pure-play fashion & lifestyle
            company and our long
            standing approach to

            sustainability has played a
            vital role in helping us attain
            and retain this coveted
            leadership position.

            Dear Stakeholder,

            'ReEarth for our Tomorrow' is our structured   Similar impressive gains were made in water too. We
            sustainability program with a well-articulated roadmap,   reduced more than 30% of fresh water consumption
            well-de ned milestones, a monitoring framework, with   through rainwater harvesting and recycling/reuse of
            well-etched roles and responsibilities across the   wastewater and also chalked up over 98% compliance
            organisational hierarchy. The bene ts of ReEarth   with the WASH pledge.  With an intense focus on
            straddle the entire business continuum from Products to   sustainability, it is not surprising that we are rapidly
            Processes and from People to Pro ts.        improving our HIGG Index scores.
            On the product front, we developed sustainable   At ABFRL, sustainability and business are like warp and
            products using Eco-resins, Herbal-Dyes, Easy-Wash   weft, and it is demonstrated not only in our product and
            technology and designed artisanal fabrics to promote   processes, but also in our employee mix. Women form
            and preserve traditional art forms.  While the use of   the majority of our workforce in the factories. While it
            Eco-resin technology has helped achieve 60% reduction   empowers the professionally marginalised gender, it
            in energy and wastewater, and 70% reduction in   also augurs well for business because women possess
            emissions, the Easy Wash shirt helps reduce over 40%   the key characteristics needed for excellence in garment
            energy, water, and emissions.               manufacturing such as patience, deft  ngers and an eye
                                                        for detail.
            In 2012, the year we launched ReEarth, we also launched
            a Knowledge Management Centre and 11 specialised   Our commitment to empowering marginalised sections
            studios to facilitate and drive innovative product   of society extends beyond just providing employment
            concepts across Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd.    to women. During the year, we invested double the
                                                        mandated amount, in social initiatives such as girl child
            Along with a competitive product portfolio,   education, health & hygiene, and sustainable
            sustainability is the key driver of operational e ciencies   livelihoods.
            at ABFRL. During the reporting period, energy e ciency
            and operational e ciency initiatives put together,   As in business, we want to be leaders among local and
            helped save over 7 million units of electricity and   global peers in sustainability. Do go through the report
                                                        and share your feedback, suggestions and expectations.
            witnessed a reduction of more than 33% in purchase of
            grid electricity. We have  agged o  installation of solar
            rooftop at  ve of our facilities. Once operational, it has
            the potential to substitute 80% of our conventional grid   Ashish Dikshit
            electricity requirement.                    Business Head, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited
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