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                                        Business Director
                                               M E S S A G E
                                                                              T H E
                                                                  F R O M

                        We believe that our economic
                        growth must be balanced with
                        environmental and societal
                        interests, by integrating sustainable

                        business practices into our ways of
                        working. We are committed to
                        giving back more than what we
                        take from our ecosystem.

                        Dear Stakeholder,

                        At Aditya Birla Group, sustainability is fundamental to  Therefore, in order to be truly future ready in this
                        all our endeavours. It echoes our obligation towards   complex operating space, and capitalise on
                        society, environment and every stakeholder in   sustainability as an opportunity, we recognise the need
                        constructing a stable and responsible foundation not   to embed sustainability into the fabric of our
                        only for our enterprise but the nation and the world   organisation, give it pride of place in our business goals
                        at large.                                    and cascade it into our day-to-day operations.
                        We, at Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd., are in complete   Our maiden Sustainability Report is a testimony of our
                        consonance with the above paradigm and believe that   beliefs. In this report, we disclosed in detail how we
                        economic growthmust be achieved in synergy with   address the most signi cant economic, environmental
                        environmental and societal interests. Thus in 2012, we   and social aspects that impact us and those we can have
                        embarked on our structured sustainability program,   a positive impact on. Energy and water conservation,
                        'ReEarth for our Tomorrow'. Built on the Adity Birla   reducing our carbon footprint and packaging, waste
                        Group sustainability framework of Responsible   management, building safe and sustainable products,
                        Stewardship, Stakeholder Engagement and Future   emphasis on greener manufacturing facilities, and an
                        Proo ng, ReEarth is a movement to give back to our   enhanced vendor collaboration leading to a sustainable
                        planet what we've taken from it over the years. It is a   value chain are some of the key focus areas detailed in
                        construct that goes beyond conservation and   our maiden report.
                        encourages rejuvenation.
                                                                     We believe that measuring and reporting our
                        Being a customer-centric and future-focussed enterprise,   sustainability performance will manifest in increased
                        we recognise that consumers in India are increasingly   transparency and enriched engagement with our large
                        demanding products with better environmental and   and diverse stakeholder base. We hope this report is
                        social footprints. Furthermore, environmental   informative and look forward to your feedback.
                        regulations are being made more stringent and CSR
                        spend has been mandated by law. A robust practice of
                        sustainability not only enables us to identify and align
                        with these trends, but more importantly, it enables us  Pranab Barua
                        to innovate and develop new areas for growth.  Business Director, Apparel & Retail Business, Aditya Birla Group

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