P. 3


                                                                               F O R  O U R  T O M O R R O W

                                                          Forever, we've been taking from the Earth.
                                                          Taking, considering it our right to do so.
                                                          Forgetting every time,
                                                          that abundance is not permanent.

                                                          Yes, there was a time when everything was in plenty,
                                                          and to make a choice was never compulsory.
                                                          Back then, every pillar of the ecosystem:
                                                          Environment, Economy, Society,
                                                          balanced each other well.

                                                          But then,
                                                          we took a lot more than we could give,
                                                          and this balance fell apart.

                                                          Let's remind ourselves all over again,
                                                          that resources are decreasing and demands increasing.
                                                          And to keep our ecosystem going,
                                                          we need to give back more than we take from it.

                                                          So let's begin to give back.
                                                          To the Environment we grow in.
                                                          To the Economy we prosper in.
                                                          To the Society we live in.
                                                          Because when we give back, we get back.
              ReDesigning                                 Let's preserve our tomorrow.

                                                          Let's protect our planet.
                            B U S I N E S S               Let's Re-Earth.
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