Leadership Confessions

The day-long events at the ABFRL Awards included several interesting sessions. One of these was the panel discussion between members of the senior management of ABFRL.

The topic for this sparkling discussion was Leadership Confessions. The panellists were the heads of the five ABFRL businesses — (left-right) Sathyajit Radhakrishnan, Puneet Kumar Malik, Vishak Kumar, Sangeeta Pendurkar and Sooraj Bhat. The session was moderated by Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor In-chief of Human Resources magazine, People Matters. After a fun session on ‘How well do you know your leader?’, conversation veered towards the pitfalls of being the person at the top and the challenges and the high-points each of them face. After a question and answer session from the audience, the discussion ended with each of the panellists expressing what they want their legacy to be and what advice they would give their younger selves.

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